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We have roller test benches for complete vehicles and #TestRoad test systems, which are directly connected to the vehicle's wheel hubs. We offer solutions with powerful tools for I+D tests, in order to verify the power and performance of the vehicles, with measurements and analysis through the #HighSpeed ​​acquisition system.




Stationary Test: The power generated by the vehicle is calculated through a dynamometric brake. The torque generated in the brake is measured for each speed by means of a load cell or a torsiometer.


Inertial Test: The power of the vehicle is used to accelerate a roller of inertia and later obtain the calculation and representation of the graph of power in wheel when decelerating, very useful in comparative tests.


Acceleration Test: By accelerating the vehicle at full load it is possible to obtain the calculation of the wheel power and the acceleration curve of the vehicle.


Loss Control Test: By decelerating the vehicle in neutral, the calculation of the mechanical losses of gearbox, differential, transmissions, etc. is obtained.

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